The Sustainable Impact and Development (SID) Initiative is working towards creating a society where every young person can live up to their full potential – free from sexual health challenges; with easy access to sexual reproductive health information and youth friendly services at little/no cost.

Sexuality Education and Sensitization Program: We provide young people with age-appropriate, accurate and complete sexuality education to increase their knowledge and equip them with life skills on their sexual reproductive health and rights.

Advocacy Programs: We engage in advocacy efforts geared towards the prioritization of the sexual reproductive health and rights of young people through media outreach, grassroots mobilization, lobbying with policy makers, networking, and coalition-building.

Capacity Building: We organize trainings and workshops that enable young people develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable, thus contributing positively to the society.

Media and Technology: We employ creative and innovative platforms which include social media platforms, blog, and podcast to educate  young people on their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Volunteer: As a volunteer, you’ll gain valuable skills and experience and be part of a team making a real difference to young people. You will be joining a team of trained and experienced people completely committed to eliminating all forms of sexual health challenges among young people. Join us today because together we can achieve more.

Sponsor: Looking for a way to give back to the society by empowering young people, not to worry, you can help by sponsoring one of our programs. Just click on the read more.

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