Sex and Pleasure! 10 shocking lies


While growing up, my mother said, “don’t talk to boys and don’t allow any boy touch you so that you won’t get pregnant”.

Of course, the intention was to protect me from falling prey to sexual exploits from the males, but what my mum failed to understand, was that the males were also busy capitalising on such one-sided incomplete information to manipulate girls and get them to have sex.

And that brings about my topic for today which focuses on “The Myths about Sex!”
What is Sex?

So we have three types of sex; Anal, oral and vaginal.

1. Anal sex: This is a sexual activity that involves the penetration of the anus by the penis. Some of the slangs are butt sex, sex from the back, Doggie etc.

2. Oral sex: This is divided into two and they are:

  • Cunnilingus: This is a sexual activity in which the penis is stimulated with the partners mouth. Commonly called blow job, head.
  • Falashio: This is a sexual activity in which the vagina is simulated with the partners mouth. Commonly called head.

3. Vaginal Sex: This is a sexual activity that involves the penetration of the vagina with the penis. 
These are the 3 main types of sex. Although there are other sexual activities such as:

  • Kissing: This involves touching or caressing the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire or greeting
  • Smooching: This is to kiss, hold or touch someone in a sexual way. 

These are sexual activities that take place before the main act itself which is sexual intercourse. 
With this been said, Let’s talk about the myths. 
Now what are myths?
Myths are widely held beliefs that are false and not true. Infact simply put, they are lies that people have overtime taken to be the truth. Let’s look at some myths on sex!
1. Myth: Having sex while standing will prevent pregnancy. Fact: No matter the position you take when having sex, lie down, sit down, stand up, jump, run, you will still get pregnant. 
2. Myth: Having sex in the swimming pool will prevent pregnancy because the water will kill the efficacy of the spermFact: No matter where you have sex, in the swimming pool, car, bench, chair, table, you will still get pregnant. 
3. Myth: Taking hot water with salt or alabukun (a medication for migrane) with seven-up (a Coca-Cola product) will prevent pregnancyFact: whether you take all the salt in a pack or even all the alabukun you come across, you will still get pregnant.
4. Myth: Urinating immediately after sex will prevent pregnancyFact: This one still baffles me till today. It is a lie, a big lie and a bigger lie. 
5. Myth: If i have sex once, I won’t get pregnant Fact: It’s not even about having sex once, if he inserts the penis into the vagina just once and removes it, you will still get pregnant.
6. Myth: Once you have sex, you can never stopFact: Even if you have had sex once, you can still decide to abstain from sex. It is all about self discipline and personal conviction.
7. Myth: Having sex will stop menstrual painsFact: Infact, the pain will stop because you will stop menstruating when you get pregnant. Having sex never stops menstrual pains. It’s a big lie.
8. Myth: Having sex when menstruating will prevent pregnancyFact: Whether you have sex when menstruating or not, You will get pregnant.
9. Myth: Oral and anal sex is safer than vaginal sexFacts: Sorry to burst your bubble but having these forms of sex can only prevent pregnancy, but put you at a high risk of contracting STIs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia etc. Which is even more dangerous because it can have dire consequences such as infertility when not treated early.
10. Myth: Girls can’t get pregnant if the man pulls outFact: This is a big lie! There is the pre-ejaculations which comes before the main-ejaculation. Hence, the semens of the pre-ejaculation can still get the girl pregnant. Therefore, don’t even risk it.So there you have it. A lot of young people have fallen for some of these lies and are still falling for it. Please let’s be informed and make smart choices about sex.
Is there anything you have been told about sex or heard from someone that you are not sure about and need to know if it’s a myth or not? 
Feel free to drop them in the comment box below and I shall respond to them.
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