10 Myths about Rape – Men don’t get raped


What are myths?
These are widely held beliefs that are false but have overtime come to be accepted as the truth.

Here are our 10 myths on rape
1. Myth: Men don’t get raped.
Fact: Wrong! In the majority of rape cases, the male is the offender and the female is the victim. However, men and boys are raped too. Men can be raped by other men; and women can also coerce or pressure men or boys into performing sexual acts that they do not desire. 

2. Myth: Girls who get raped are promiscuous or asked for it.
Fact: Wrong! Anybody can be raped

3. Myth: Looking attractive is an invitation to rape.
Fact: No! Attracting attention is not an invitation to rape. 

4. Myth: Girls are raped because of what they wear.
Fact: False! People can be raped even when they are modestly dressed. A person who rapes does not respect any boundaries, taking what he or she wants no matter what the victim is wearing.

5. Myth: Women usually say ‘No’ when they mean ‘Yes’
Fact: Wrong! Nobody wants to be physically hurt, humilated or degraded. They mean to say ‘no’ but have not been taught that it is acceptable to say ‘no’ to a person of authority or an older person.

6. Myth: Some people get pleasure from being raped.
Fact: Never! The victim is in terror. Anyone who thinks is possible to enjoy rape doea not understand the nature of this terrible violation of human rights.

7. Myth: Rape is mostly committed by strangers.
Fact: Wrong! Rape is mostly committed by someone he or she knows. Most often, the abuser is a member of the family or a close relative.

8. Myth: Men and boys can’t control their urge to have sex.
Fact: False! Everyone, males and females can control their sexual urges.

9. Myth: Getting married automatically means consent to sex.
Fact: Wrong! Consent is a must in all circumstances, whether married or not.

10. Myth: Rape only happens to people from poor backgrounds and developing countries.
Fact: Wrong! Rape affects everyone from all backgrounds and works of life, whether rich or poor, employed or unemployed, developed or developing countries.

So these are my 10 myths and facts on Rape. I hope I have been able to shed light of truth on the darkness of lies on rape.

Next week, I will be talking about the things to do to prevent rape with a twist. So watch out.

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Ref: FLHE Students Handbook 2nd Edition

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